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Sooo I need some more warm-up prompts for the future because I actually sit down and try to get these done. 
Aug 22nd / 41
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Was about time for me to update my commission post and filter things, umn, hi. ^ q^;;Soft CG comes on a white bg by default, unless you request otherwise! Chibi are transparent. Pixel come in 50x50 (partner pixel 100x50). 
soft cg: x x x x x
chibis: x x 
pixel: x x
What I won’t draw:
furry/anthro (fine with kemomimi or animal gijinka though)
guro / excessive body horror 
Anything else I’m pretty open to try out, although I reserve the right to decline your request if it comes down to it. 
Commission Type: Soft CG/Chibi/Pixel
Subject: what you want to have drawn. Please give me references and details you want me to keep in mind.
Additional comment: If applicable 
Only accepting paypal commissions. If interested, please send a mail at papoujuice@gmail.com !I ask for payment after getting the okay on my initial sketch and won’t be accepting refunds past said point. (In case of pixels I ask for payment after accepting your commission.)